Elisabeth Sau

Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer from Estonia







My Story

Hello! This is Elisabeth, West-Yorkshire based graphic designer photographer creative thinker and freelancer. ESau Design is what I am going to name my future dream design agency.

I am passionate about combining different medias and being quirky. Winter time I am usually working hard and summertime exploring the world and gathering inspiration.

I have made successful designs for both print and media, currently exploring web design. Some of my clients include Arcobaleno, Interior Goods Direct, SoBe Shuttles, Green Peas Solution, Bradford Student Union, ArcDes Projekt, Smart Prospect, Youth for Understanding in different countries such as UK, Japan, USA, Estonia, Thailand.

More about me

At heart I am a big hippy and adventurer. This is why I love being a graphic designer and photographer, I can travel around and find interesting projects to be a part of in various different cultures. I love nature and I believe we are all connected – everything in the nature has a structure, that is why I find a lot of inspiration from there. Scandinavian design influences me a lot since I grew up in Estonia where minimalism and functionality are praised.

I find different cultures fascinating – I know about 6-7 different languages and I always research about the national patterns and design trends when I go to a new country. I also have an extensive knowledge in geography – you can use me as a map!

I also write haikus, play with fire staff, volleyball, create Thai style accessories from string, do rock balancing and meditation. My favourite writer is Paulo Coelho and my favourite colour is blue.

“If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters – 204 if you’re in Japan.”
― Claire Cook, Seven Year Switch

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